Senior capstone project on incentivizing community engagement and volunteering
team & role --
Graeme Smith (UX designer, Visual design lead)
Oscar Kwong (UX and Visual designer)
Aby Iberkleid (UX designer and content strategy)

My role: Project manager & UX Designer

Primary and secondary research, concept direction, low-mid-high fidelity prototyping, mid-hi fi wireframing, concept strategy
20 weeks, 2019
SCAD UXDG senior capstone project
the challenge --
When living in a city, it’s difficult to feel like any one individual can make a difference. While most people possess some innate desire to do good within their local community, it’s challenging to know where to begin. There lacks a streamlined and focused way for community members to turn digital engagements into real-world, actionable good. 
How might we inspire and empower citizens to make a productive and tangible difference in their local community?
solution --
Flyer is a platform that connects community members to local non-profit organizations in a way that is personalized to the interests and needs of both parties. Regular users of Flyer can indicate what causes they are interested in and how they’d like to help out their community. Non-profits are able to be discovered based on what cause(s) they are tagged with and source different local volunteers based on their needs.
Onboarding -- understanding you.
During the initial setup of Flyer, users can indicate what types of causes they may be interested in to better curate their feed and experience within the platform.
Users can express initial interest in causes during their set-up.
Based on their location, volunteers can get started by discovering what local organizations are nearby.
Explore through the feed.
The feed page aggregates volunteer events based on what causes the volunteer has expressed interest in. Users can learn more about and contact organizations from their profile page.
Do good, spontaneously.
Flyer users can also participate in platform-wide challenges through the ‘Discover’ section. Similar to a Spotify weekly playlist, volunteers are able to discover charitable opportunities and local non-profit organizations through participating in challenges.
Follow what matters to you.
Causes are collections of organizations working towards achieving a higher level initiative. Organizations can tag themselves with relevant causes and volunteers are able to discover them.

Check out our rough MVP on the Google Play Store:
process --
Full case study coming soon! In the meantime, check out the full process book here.